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Oklahoma City, OK

Transmission Repair

Do you really have a transmission problem or is it electrical?

Out of all transmission problems that are presented to us, we find that 50% of them could be caused by an electrical issue.

If you are experiencing any transmission issues, we have to ability to diagnose and repair it. There are many signs that you may have a transmission problem. Slipping, jerking, lack of power, leaks, etc. all could be symptoms of a transmission issue.

Transmissions today require special knowledge. There are electrical systems, hydraulic systems, & mechanical systems. Each of these systems are complex and require special equipment and an extensive knowledge of how each one of them functions. We have 26 years of experience dealing with transmission evolution and would be happy to diagnose any problem you may have with your vehicle today.

Many vehicle issues present as transmission problems, but could actually be only a minor fix. We pride ourselves on honest and integrity, and will let you know what the problem really is. We strive to provide the best service we can for all of our customers, and are continually learning and researching new information pertaining to transmission repair.