Master Tech Transmissions of Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK


Your vehicle transmission needs to be serviced every so often. When you are having problems with your vehicle the fluid that is in your transmission can help identify any problems you may have. To keep your fluid clean and healthy you should service your transmission when needed. Keep in mind that your transmission has a filter, just like your engine, that needs to be routinely replaced as well. You wouldn’t change your engine oil without changing the filter would you? Maintenance intervals vary by how hard the vehicle is driven.

Your engine oil and filter also needs to be changed every so often. The oil in your engine helps it to run efficiently. Make sure you keep your oil healthy and clean by changing it every couple of thousand miles.

When your vehicles battery dies, bring it in to give it new life with a battery replacement. We service most types of vehicles when the batteries go out.

Feel free to ask about any other maintenance issues or problems you may experience.