Master Tech Transmissions of Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK

A/C Repair

The Oklahoma heat can be tough on your car’s air conditioner. If your car’s A/C isn’t blowing as cool as it used to, or takes longer than it should to cool off your car, you may need to have your system serviced.

Some symptoms that your air contitioner may need servicing could include:

  • Air doesn’t blow as cold as it used to.
  • Air takes a long time to cool down your  vehicle.
  • A/C compressor turns on and off frequently.
  • A/C compressor is noisy.
  • Belts are noisy.

If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t panic. Many air conditioner issues with vehicles are as minor as an A/C coolant recharge, or are simple to repair. The air conditioning technicians at Master Tech Transmissions of Oklahoma City are happy to diagnose your A/C issues and let you know exactly what’s going on. When you’re ready to have work done, Master Tech has the experience and equipment to service  your air conditioning system components, including the auto A/C compressor, condenser, and dryer. Whether you’re looking at minor auto A/C repair or a major A/C system overhaul, your car’s air conditioning system is in good hands at Master Tech.

Leaking Refrigerant or Freon?

Over time, vibrations cause connections to loosen and normal wear causes seals to weaken. Sometimes the problem with the offending part is so minor that the source of the leak is undetectable and a simple recharge can keep you going for a year or more, until symptoms worsen. More often, however, the leak can be attributed to a bad seal or other minor part. When this happens, our air conditioning technicians will replace the part and get your car’s A/C back in good health before it can cause major damage to your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Simply bring your car into Master Tech and we’ll fill your A/C system with diagnostic refrigerant (containing ultra-violet dye), diagnose your leak, and advise you on whether or not your system needs repair. Because, in most cases, major A/C issues are a result of neglecting minor A/C issues, the sooner you have your vehicle inspected, the greater the likelihood that you’ll avoid major repairs.

A/C Maintenance

To avoid costly A/C repairs, it’s vital to practice good A/C maintenance and have your system inspected on a regular basis and as soon as symptoms occur. The mechanics at Master Tech can help you catch minor issues early, repair your car’s air conditioner, and keep your repair cost low.

If it’s been a while since you’ve have your A/C system inspected, or recognize any of the symptoms above, give us a call at 405-677-7090 or bring your car into Master Tech for a little peace of mind.